Name: Wholi Gabais
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Age: 32
Home Planet: Coruscant
Affiliation: The Jedi Council

Height: 6'1
Weight: 170lbs

Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black

Appearance: As shown.
Weapon(s): One lightsaber, blue blade.

Rank: Jedi Master

Force Side: Light


Wholi grew up on the streets as a beggar. He never knew his parents or at least he could not remember them. Every day he would get just enough money to let him survive until the next. He lived like this for 18 years until one day a kind stranger offered to take him to lunch. The boy accepted the man's offer and so they went to a near-by diner where they could talk. The man said that He had a special gift and that Wholi also posessed this gift. He then revealed himself to be a jedi knight and asked if Wholi would go with him to Naboo to train in the jedi arts. With carefull consideration Wholi decided to accept the Knight's offer.

During his training Wholi learned much of philosophy, the force and the jedi way. He also learned the basic forms of lightsaber combat, and on completion of his training built his first lightsaber. It was a staff design with an extended hilt and two purple blades, each about a 3 feet in length. He spent some time trying to teach himself to use both blades effectively but he could not get the hang of it alone. He seldom uses the second blade on missions.

.....Data missing......

After many years as a Knight Wholi was honored with the title of master. And although he felt he did not deserve such recognition, Wholi tried his best to live upto the new responsibilities bestowed upon him. The young master began to study jedi lore, and sought out ancient and lost jedi knowledge. To this end, he was quite successful. But his hunger for knowledge was rapidly turning into a quest for power. By the time the jedi master had seen his error, it was nearly too late. Ashamed of himself, Wholi disappeared from jedi affairs to take heed of what had so nearly been his downfall as a jedi. Since this time he has not been seen nor heard of by any.

Until now.

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