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Witches of Dathomir


May 2011


Santeria Decuir


High Witch Council
High Priestess Santeria Decuir
High Witches




Dathomir (Owned)

  • Tanaab (Owned)
  • Abregado-rae (Occupied)
  • Badnomeer (Occupied)
  • Bogden (Occupied)
  • Drackmar (Occupied)
  • Felucia (Occupied)
  • Iridonia (Occupied)
  • Kohlma (Occupied)
  • Mindor (Occupied)
  • Pelagon (Occupied)
  • Rhand (Occupied)
Active Members 100+


  • Faction of The Year - 2011
  • Faction of The Year - 2013

"It is better that you rush upon this blade than enter this circle with fear in your heart. How do you enter?"

Witches of Dathomir is currently an active faction of The Gungan Council universe. This group functions with both the Nightsisters and the Nightbrothers as a unified sanction.

Witches of Dathomir is a Darkside Faction; the name coined for the group was made in the best interest to include characters of both male and female gender. Members from other Clans are welcomed to join under the advisement that their character has fallen to the Darkside to become a Nightsister or Nightbrother.

Witches of DathomirEdit

The Witches of Dathomir, which is led by a matriarchal figure and a 'high witch' council, believes that the combined mind power of the members, working together as a coven, can get much more accomplished than by means of being alone. Together they rally in securing their territory from those who wish to do harm to their kind. Despite originating from Dathomir, the Nightsisters and Nightbrothers were exiled for their crimes. They have since taken refuge on Necropolis, a cemetery world, as well as have taken back their homeworld. As a warrior society, the Dathomiri Witches trained daily in the art of war, and used both their muscles and the Force to aid them in combat.


The Witches of Dathomir had a long tradition of exiling darksiders and others who broke their ancient code to live outside their clans in solitude and contemplation. However, at some point in the waning days of the Galactic Republic, the exiled outcasts banded together to form a new clan, which became the Nightsisters. Over time, this group came to resemble the traditional clans and started to expand, raising its own children to obey the power of the dark side, although they did not regard it in those terms. While the other clans refused to forcibly oppose them, their numbers rose steadily, climbing to approximately one hundred in 8 ABY. Eventually, some Nightsisters served under the Galactic Empire and pledged their allegiance to the Sith. Around the time of their defeat, their leader was Gethzerion, who endlessly terrorized the other Dathomiri Witch clans.

The CovenEdit

"Prepare for death and rebirth."

Frenzied River was a river on Dathomir. It was the center of the Frenzied River Clan of Dathomiri Witches. Through the decades, leadership of the clan was gained in favour of the Decuir family, Naberia Decuir being the first known relative to hold the status of Clan Mother. Through the lineage, the Clan had become less oriented with the Book of Law and the Allya's Laws that they had been consumed by the taint of the Dark Side. It had not been until Santeria Decuir, that the Frenzied River Clan was transformed into the early states of what is now known as The Coven.

The Great Exile

"You know, in the old days, if a witch betrayed her coven, they would kill her."

"Exile! Exile! Exile the Nightsisters and Nightbrothers!"

Plains rolled with waving shades of veridian-- a storm was on the horizon. Murderers, the Devil's Disciples; this is what they were called. It had not been just that of the Dathomiri people, but of those who were Jedi and their diamond dogs the Rebellion that marked them these. One by one, the Nightsisters and their respective covens along with the Nightbrothers that roamed the mystical world, were captured. They were bound by stun cuffs, only the strongest ones that could hold the Force users, and some were silenced so no chants could be uttered. The people cried, those beneath the protection of the Jedi and their Allyans, for an end to the deception... they wanted the daylight, the salvation, the freedom from the Nightsisters and Nightbrothers that caused terror on Dathomir. Like floats in a parade, the Nightsisters and Nightbrothers had been ushered to their fates upon vast ships. "Santeria Decuir, your crimes are numerous against the members of The Alliance. Nightsisters and Nightbrothers of Dathomir you will be charged with murder and terrorism. The punishment is not imprisonment, but death by being hung."

Death was not to be for the High Priestess and her daughters, Krishna and Dharma.

"Due to an appeal by persons left to be unknown, your punishment of death is waived. The punishment to fit your crimes is excommunication from the Sith order, Santeria Decuir, and your people exiled to Necropolis. You are all banished from Dathomir and should any of you return, the punishment is death."

They were going to regret not spilling her blood across the grounds of Dathomir. A plague upon their houses would fall... they would know fear.

Oh how they flattered her with tales of murder and terrorism-- that wasn't even enough of what she had done. Santeria was disappointed. She laughed, boisterous and conceited while they delivered the punishment of being sent to Necropolis. How ignorant they truly were despite their might for they would have known such a world was not unknown to her. Many times excommunication and exile had befallen the Nightsister, and more times than such she had returned to reap vengeance.

One question remained, one that annoyed her so greatly. Who had been the one to appeal their death sentence? It still remains unknown, but it had been the plea of Katarine Ryiah that had saved them all.

Solders had drilled their blaster barrels, shoving Santeria forward. There were hundreds gathered, hundreds that if she should have tried to escape would soot her in the head and ensure she was truly lifeless. She was escorted onto the transport where the cells were, her head drawn high.

Unbeknown to the Coven, the Jed, and Rebellion, it had been The Galactic Empire using them all for pawns to exact justice upon the witches they feared. Eventually, The Coven had discovered the truth, but it had not been until years later. The tale of the planet had not been soon forgotten as Santeria continued her leadership over Necropolis even through her ascension to Sith Master and High Priestess of The Coven. The Great Exile from Dathomir had been been a turning point for many Nightsisters and Nightbrothers and opened an opportunity for the dark deity to introduce them to another world which offered more promise to their religion.

Santeria had not allowed for the plans of The Jedi Council and The Rebellion to take hold of their destiny. Upon the ships set for an undisclosed location, a mutiny had occured and the Nightsister took the advantage and redirected the transports to Necropolis.

Culture of The CovenEdit

Chain of Command

Throughout their predominately matriarchal influence, the Coven follows a strict Chain of Command sequence throughout its strongholds and culture. The High Priestess is considered the alpha and omegaof all of the Coven, beneath the Nightmother is the High Witch Council which is followed by the Clan Leaders, succeeded by the Clan Councils and finally the Subgroup Leaders. High Witch Council

"I drink of my sisters and brothers... and I take into myself... all the power of the Darkside."

The Council is the ruling body of the witches; this group consists of the High Priestess and other leading Nightbrother and Nightsister persons. Keepers of the books the clans use to teach the history, spells and other parts of the Witches’ culture.

Council Organization

Clan Leaders

Clan Leaders are considered the elders of their clans and act as sovereign over their regions. These individuals are elected personally by the High Priestess as deemed fit to their contributions to the Coven.

Class System and Specialty RanksEdit

"Maybe you're a natural witch. Your power comes from within."

Specialty RanksEdit

Each specialty guild is responsible for upholding an expertise within an important area of the Coven.

  • Specialties - Dogmatist (traditions, law and doctrines) | Handler (beast taming and caretaker) | Healer (specialized healing spells and abilities) | Neophyte (guiding new converts) | Scribe (creating new spells) | Summoner (spell casting summoning spells )
Class SystemEdit

All classes have specific Force powers that are commonly used by that class; however, each Force power is in exclusive to all ranks.

  • Classes- Deathknight (Conjure Dark Magic) | Defiler (Shaman of Corruption and Spiritual Enslavement) | Sorcerer (Arsenal of Force Magic) | Warrior (Art of Combat)
  • Priest Caste - Priests answer only to the High Priestess and the High Council, being completely loyal to them and the ideals of the Coven. Priests are typically solitary, operating by themselves or within squads of six. They are constantly on the move throughout the galaxy, while some are planted within the various factions. (OOC: each squad of six is commanded by a PC Priest). Their primary job is to hunt down Jedi and Sith alike, and destabilizing governments. Like Palpatine's Hands a Priest can hear the call of the High Council from anywhere in the galaxy, and they've been known to fight in greater numbers when required of them.

Religion and PhilosophyEdit

"Relax It's only magic."

The view of the Force differs between The Coven and the Sith; both practice the Darkside of the Force (referred to as Shadow Magic), but
Raven s Den by konishkichen

Book of Shadows

exercising and learning that power is on completely different ends of the spectrum.

Jedi are known to gain Force powers predominately through meditation; the Sith, through raw emotions; Witches bring forth their powers through chanting, intricate movements of the body, to hone concentration. Jedi and Sith have an understanding of the Force in separate sections; control, sense, and alter. Dathomiri clans learn them as though they are interconnected.

The Nightsisters did not fear the dark powers forbidden by the ancients, but reveled in them and raised their daughters in the dark side, although they did not understand it as the Jedi did.

Dathomir MagicEdit

Allyan Magic, also referred to as Dathomir Magic or Magicks by the Nightsisters, was the name given to use of the Force and Force powers by the Witches of Dathomir. The name was derived from the rogue Jedi Allya, who was exiled to Dathomir and taught the powers of the Force to her children there, giving them an evolutionary advantage over Dathomir's other inhabitants. As a result, many generations of Allya's descendants survived. However, the practitioners of Allyan Magic believed themselves to be casting spells rather than making use of the Force, and often were unable to make use of a "spell" without speaking its assigned name or performing the ritualized singing, dancing, chanting, and/or writing associated with it. The work of the Force was attributed to the Spirits instead.

  1. History : The skills in the Force that the Witches of Dathomir possessed became changed the many generations since Allya's arrival on Dathomir, as knowledge was shaped by traditions and time from what Allya originally taught. It seemed that the Witches were only gifted in certain aspects of Force use, some in healing, others in Force Whirlwind, and so forth. Teneniel Djo of the Singing Mountain Clan of Witches was very impressed by Luke Skywalker's strength in the Force, and had never seen such strength before.
  2. Characteristics : There were two schools of Dathomir Magic. The first, traditional Allyan Magic, followed rules put forth in the Book of Law, a tome of moral and ethical teachings kept and modified by each clan based on an original created by Allya for her daughters. The other, called "Shadow Magic" by its originator, Gethzerion, was the provenance of the Nightsisters. Their book, the Book of Shadows, tells of future glories the Nightsisters will gather in the heavens.

Spirit ichor was the base for all magic employed by the Nightsisters of Dathomir. According to Mother Talzin, it came from channeling the Winged Goddess and was manifested as green smoke.

  1. Usage : Spirit ichor could be manipulated in a large variety of ways by a shaman. A shaman could manipulate spirit ichor into everlasting objects such as a goblet of blackroot. Spirit ichor could also be used for divination; for mesmerism, to induce a victim into a trancelike state; for totem magic; or to conjure the Water of Life for healing purposes and other uses.

The spirits were supernatural beings which the Nightsisters of Dathomir thought to exist. According to their beliefs, there was another realm, a parallel plane to the physical world that was inhabited by spirits. This spiritual realm was thought to be governed in balance by the Twin Deities, the Winged Goddess and the Fanged God, which were depictions of the Light and dark side of the Force.

The Nightsisters also believed the two realms were so close on Dathomir that only their shamans could carry messages between them.

  1. Powers : According to the lore, the spirits bestowed fertility upon the clans and claimed the souls of the dead. Nightsisters talismans were thought to have been empowered by the spirits. Darth Sidious thought those artifacts were not very different from the ones made by the Sith, but no alchemist had ever been known to duplicate the non-conventional effects of the Nightsisters' talismans (such as metamorphosis).
  2. Existence : There are many parallels between the spirits and the Force. Clan mother Talzin would say a Nightsister had to serve the will of the spirits, just like a Jedi would serve the will of the Force. Moreover, it is said that Allya foretold the rise of a perfect being "brought into existence by the spirits", which is very reminiscent of the prophecy of the Chosen One.

Religious CodesEdit

Dathomir Witch Code

"Those who deny themselves emotion will never understand freedom.
Those who choose ignorance will never know their own greatness.
Those who are consumed with passion, will fail to dominate.
Those who fear death will never achieve real power.
Never forget that your magic must always be used wisely.
Do not fear the darkness that lives within us all, however do not concede to it, lest you will be consumed and become its slave.

Religious DocumentationEdit

The Book of Shadows Originated by Gethzerion, the Book of shadows contains fables of the future of the Nightsisters and their brethren with detailed stories of glory and gathering within the heavens. This tome is written with details of the rituals and spells of their kind.

Bound in human flesh and inked in blood, the Book of Shadows has been an ancient tome that is cherished above all other texts to the Nightsisters. Within its pages are spells crafted by Gethzerion and through the ages has been added to by other Clan Mothers of the Nightsisters, Coven scribes, Masters of the Coven, and the High Priestess. Other documentations of the book include the Nightsister code, Laws of the Coven, incantations of invocation, funerary rites, traditions, trials and ceremonies. The, Book of Shadows, resides in a chamber to which only the High Priestess knows it origins along with the way to unraveling the mystical barrier placed upon it.

Clan Leaders have their own version of the volume, but those works are quite variable from the original; their version is known as the Grimoire Compendium.

Wild Power

Wild Power was Mother Talzin's manifesto written to explain about the Nightsister's, the powers, their beliefs and their role in the galaxy.

This manual was written at some point during the Clone Wars, when Talzin was clan mother and shaman of all witches on Dathomir. At some point, the manual fell into the hands of Asajj Ventress. The latter included many handwritten comments throughout the pages, comparing Talzin's teachings with those of her new master, Darth Tyranus.

The Book of the Damned

This sacred book plays an important role in the growing and changing Witch culture of the Nightsisters and Nightbrothers of Dathomir. Finding their new home on Necropolis, the witches of Dathomir re-founded their old culture and began honing their ancient teachings of witchcraft into their new and growing family founded on Necropolis. As they grew and still held on tightly to the old ways of their ancestry, they also adopted new traits and characteristics. One such practice was the birth of the Book of the Damned.

For as long as they've lived, Nightsisters and Nightbrothers have killed their own kind for betrayal and insubordination, but some of those who deserved such an end went unpunished and over time were forgotten. Those who wronged the witches of Dathomir and lived to tell the tale were few and lucky all the same. Now, however, under a new Council and in a new location, higherarchs of the following have seen if fit to keep a record of all those, witch or not, who've done them wrong. Thus, the book of the Damned was born.

The book itself is old and black, silver symbols strewn about the cover and spine, ancient witch symbols designed to seal what evil they chose to guard the secrets of the book. It's pages filled with names, some crossed out in the blood of the victim themselves. This ancient evil chosen to guard the pages only answers to Council members and Council members alone. It's darkness growing ever hungry to consume the hearts of those who were selected to be killed.

Only the blood of those who's names reside in the book can suffice when there is a name crossed out and the body count rises. Any other blood will not quench the thirst of the Book of the Damned.

Coven Trials and RitualsEdit

"Have you ever heard of invoking the spirit?"

Trial by FireEdit

This trial is taken from the Nightsister’s ideals. The first portion, an initiate attempts to cast a spell learned in an hour. The use of the new spell is extremely dangerous, possibly even fatal if the initiate is not fortunate. In the instance of The Coven, not only are learned spells required to be cast, but also are two spells not learned with the guidance of a mentor. They will also be tested on their knowledge of the Force. As important as knowledge of

Pages from the Book of Shadows

the Darkside and the spells of the Dathomiri are, so it is equally important to have knowledge of their Coven. A question, or several, may be included on practices or rituals, the code and its meaning, down to the history of the Nightsisters and Nightbrothers.

During this portion of the trial, the Apprentice will be tested on their abilities to wield a weapon; this is usually in the form of their preferred instrument - lightsaber, lightwhip, et cetera. Such as the spell casting, this portion may also be fatal if the witch fails to prove their worth to the Nightsister or Nightbrother holding the trial. The third portion is focused usually on an area the Apprentice is most adept in: spell scribing, specialization of the Force, weapon creation, etc etc.

When the trial is concluded at the discretion of the master, if it is seen fit, the final stage is the initiation into Knighthood. The Apprentice will present their person upon the alter and with the blood, spells will be scrawled along their body as means of protection and are then chanted upon; this is also a place of the blood trail that every member of the Coven has. To finalize the rite of passage, the mark of The Coven is then placed upon them and burnt into the flesh as a permanent tattoo.

Trial by InvocationEdit

The path to Masterhood is tedious, dangerous, coveted.

Tailored to each Master-in-Waiting, the trials will hone in on the specific areas of the Force the Nightsister or Nightbrother are practitioners within: i.e. Healers, Necromancers. The first portion of their trials will consist of numerous tests in such areas as their ability within the Force, and their comprehension of spell casting and scribing, are of an utmost importance.

Once successfully completed, the next task is under the discretion of the High Priestess. The final test placed upon the individual is the successful completion of their own holocron. After deemed worthy to ascend to the next rank, a lightsaber is created from the energy of the High Priestess and presented to the new Nightsister or Nightbrother Master as a symbol of their place within the realm of the Force.

Mating and Marriage Ceremonies Edit

Handfasting is the act of marriage between a Nightsister, or Nightbrother, and their intended mate. This ritual is conducted by the High Priestess in the presence of the rest of the Coven. This event is held either at sunrise or sunset when the moons are present.

Bonding RitualEdit

During the Handfasting ceremony, six cords are tied around the couple's wrists, each representing a vow made between them. These particular cords were fashioned by the couple, with "family artifacts" of jewelry from various family members woven in among the ribbon.  A dagger is taken and the palms of each person are slit until a marginal amount of blood appears. Upon this with wrists bound, their palms are clasped together.

The Coven's FleetEdit

Though the Coven was exiled with next to nothing, many of the members retained resources from their time in the galaxy. The Coven's fleet includes an odd assortment of transport and cargo ships as well as a modified CR-90 Corvette. It was through the efforts of Gabriel Volturi however, that the Coven began to form a militarized fleet. Volturi donated his family's three Nova-class Battle Cruisers, hidden away in the Transitory Mists of the Hapes Cluster, and began negotiations with Imperial renegade Ell'iru'micha for the purchase of her extra ships. The fleet was crewed by Volturi's rogue hapan militia and through recruitment among pirates, mercenaries, and rogue paramilitary organizations.

Associated GroupsEdit

Honorable MentionsEdit

  • TGC Roleplaying Awards 2011 - Faction of The Year

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