Character Profile
Avatar: Robert Downey Jr.
Full Name
Alexander Balthier Starkiller
Faction Rank
Sith Lord
Nightbrother Master
Santeria Decuir
The Sith Council
The Witches of Dathomir
Darth Deimos
Varies; 40's
Genetically altered Human
195 lbs
Eye Color
Hair Color
Master Oha
Master Tuya
Master Reza
Rogan Drayen
Silencia Shamalain
Shery deWinter
Archon Kaan
Raine Marzullo
Tyden Bansche
Eris Desnae
Alexia Preston
Alexandria Preston
Praetorian Piper
Nikole Starkiller

"Soon, they will know just what they threw away. Vengeance will be mine!"

- Xander Starkiller, regarding his parents

Xander Balthier Starkiller (born Alexander Balthier Starkiller) also known as Darth Deimos is an infamous Force-Sensitive Human Male who has served as a prominent member of the Sith Council in a capacity as a ground commander, spymaster and former governor of the planet Dromund Kaas. He is also known in a certain capacity as the patriarch of the Starkiller Family.

Starkiller was born on Corellia to Jax and Sophie Starkiller. The parents were unimpressed by their first son's apparent lack of potential. So they discarded him on Korriban, allowing three Sith Master's to raise and train the boy should he began to show any promise. As he grew up and learned the details of how he came to be on Korriban the young Xander grew to despise the parents who so quickly abandoned him.

This hate was instrumental in his training, through the years he endured rigorous training that pushed his sanity to the edge. The Master's fueled his hate mostly with lies about how his father might come back but only when he became of use. During his early teenage years he came upon a Holocron his Masters had found and when he could he would take the Holocron and study its contents. It took him the better part of 3 years to learn everything and once he had he destroyed the device in secret.

When he turned 20 he killed all three of his masters, systematically cornering each of them and defeating each of them in a duel using his surroundings and picking his spots. The first Master fell to his blade with a swift decapitation, the second he impaled on the Master's own lightsaber. The third was thrown down a cliff and crushed on the rocks below. With the victory in hand he declared himself a Sith Knight and took his Masters ship off world.

Finding a BrotherEdit

"Unexpected but not unfortunate. I know of our blood, I know what you are. Join me Brother, I'll only offer it once."

- Xander Starkiller, to his brother Mark

After leaving Korriban, Xander took what knowledge he had and began to track down his parents. Within a three year time frame he met his brother Mark Starkiller and challenged him to a duel. The result was a draw with each brother loosing an arm.

The Final ShowdownEdit

A year later at the age of 24, Xander tracked his parents down on Corellia and dueled his father, but his mother did not join in. Xander dueled Jax to a draw, performing rather well against the seasoned Sith Lord, however it would not be enough as the tide turned against him and Jax defeated him.

His father's lightsaber poised to strike Xander was dumbfounded to see his Mother had attacked his father and given him the necessary time to get to his feet and taking advantage of the situation beheaded his father. Still a little shaken up Xander approached his mother and heard her parting words, revealing that she was a prisoner of his father and she never wanted to give him up. Sophie passed away saying she was proud of her boy and asked him to find and protect his siblings, she took her last breath with a smile on her face.

In the aftermath he collected all the information and artifacts his parents had amassed and he soon left Corellia to continue his own path. A new goal set before him, to be the most powerful Force User ever born.

Knighthood and Hunting the JediEdit

"This world will not hold me down! I'll show you and the rest of the those fools! NEVER UNDERESTIMATE ME!"

- Xander Starkiller

In his travels the young Sith met a wandering Sith Master, Xander seeing the wisdom and power the Anzat Sith Master possessed, became his student. After a period of training with him, Xander learned the greater mysteries of the Force learning various powers and Lightsaber techniques. At the age of 17 he was formally Knighted after passing a trial in the Tomb of Ludo Kressh on a return trip to Korriban. Staying true to the Sith but following his own path, he began to track down and kill Jedi he deemed unworthy of the title. In doing so he collected the lightsabers from the dead Jedi as trophies. He collected up to 6 different lightsabers of various colors, Xander carried them around with him until he met, Syndell Draclau.


"There is something more out there, I have to find out for myself just what."

- Xander Starkiller's thoughts on his journey

At the age of 19, Xander Starkiller decided to explore regions of space he had only heard about from others. He vowed to further his strength and left into the unknown regions of space. Anyone he knew thought he was dead. He didn't tell anyone and during this time period he traveled to Ziost, a frozen Sith world of the Ancient Sith. Vjun, an almost lifeless planet plagued with acidic rainfall, Byss, a world in the deep core and Dromund Kaas, a planet so steeped in the dark side weapons would sort out. This seclusion went on for a year, he learned much from the libraries on Ziost and Dromund Kaas, one such ability known as the Force Blast.

Contemplating his life

Xander's ReturnEdit

Raid on UtapauEdit

He returned at the age of 20. He joined a Sith task force bound for Utapau. On this mission Xander would meet many people that would have significant roles in his life including: Kelly Garnier, Nade Rossk, Kane E. Smart and current Mandalore of the Mandalorian people, Anubis Starkiller. From this man he learned he had much more family then simply a mother, father and brother and even influenced Xander to embrace the Mandalorian culture.

The task force arrived on Utapau and found minor resistance. He and Kane Smart located a hanger with many supplies in it including a Belbullab 22 starfighter that once belonged to Clone Wars Separatist, General Grievous. Xander and Kane then went to the aid of fellow Mandalorian, Nade Rossk. Once there the two found themselves in a battle with Jedi Knight,Tahira Solo. The outcome of which was a draw.

Xander in battle damaged armor

Embracing HeritageEdit

Some time after the Raid on Utapau, Xander returned to Mandalore's command and solidified himself not only as a Sith but a Mandalorian warrior. During this time he got to know his fellow Mandalorians including Arumy Zy, Kane E. Smart, Nade Rossk and Kane's girlfriend Kelly Garnier. During his many battles as a Sith Mandalorian, he met a fellow Mandalorian by the name of Cal'mina Ordo, the time during which the two had a relationship.

Old and New DealsEdit

He went into business with his friend and associate, Kane Smart adding to his growing fortunes. Xander was present at the gathering to decided a new Mandalore when his uncle went missing. Though he did not participate, feeling himself unworthy of the title just yet. He watched as Nomad, a general of the Rebel Alliance took the title. During this period at the age of 23, he bought a home on Mandalore with Cal'mina and then received a notice that his fathers deals had been broken off with the Hutts. He then traveled to Tatooine and re-established his father's old dealings with the Hutt's, where he strong armed the Hutt and proved himself a shrewd businessman establishing a deal worth a small fortune.

Establishing a SithEdit

Depression and SurpriseEdit


Confronting the Hutts

When learning of the Hutt's ill advised move against him before he had arrived. He learned Cal'mina had perished at the hands of a Hutt hit squad. This caused Xander to kill the Hutt in a fit of rage and vengeance, effectively taking over his operations but Xander would soon develop a drinking problem as he went into a downward spiral of depression.

He attended the Yule Ball on Alderaan, alone and drank heavily before leaving half way through. He stayed on Alderaan neglecting his duties on Mandalore and continued to hang around Cantinas and drink himself into a stupor. It was on one night he met Syndell Draclau in one of these Cantinas. After having a good time they went back to her home that evening.

Xander decided to go back to Mandalore to do his work but he promised to come back. On his return which took longer then he expected he learned that Syndell was pregnant. Shocked at such a revelation, he decided to be a father for his child even if a relationship would not go on. Soon his son Jason Starkiller was born.

Xander crashing on Honoghr

Crashing on HonoghrEdit

On a routine trip back to Corellia, Xander's Infiltrator experienced mechanical failure and erupted into flames mid flight. Finding the only planet nearby the Sith took his ship in and crashed it into the surface of the planet Honoghr. In near critical condition following the crash Xander was taken captive by the natives and brought before their leader, Sith Mistress, Silencia Shamalain.

After his body was healed, he learned more about his family and discovered that Silencia at one point had been his Aunt. Eager to learn more he found himself preforming menial labor in exchange for information concerning his cousins, Cerusia Starkiller and her daughter, Desdemona.


Silencia seeing more potential in her Nephew. Sought to strip away Xander's state that he had grown into. He was no longer the man who killed his father. He endured severe torture greater then he had endured on Korriban in his early life. Soon in as his personality changed to fit Silencia's mold. His hair was shaved off and a Sith symbol was branded into the left side of his chest. Soon he became the Sith of old only more intelligent, wise, and cunning. The only piece of his former self that was left would be shown around his children and wife and even then he was changed.

Five Years LaterEdit

Moving OnEdit

After five years of raising his children as well as undergoing a drastic change in personality. The dark mark upon his chest had grown the branches and roots stretched out up the back of his neck, down his left arm, across his chest and shoulders. His old live he considered over and the new life had only just begun.

Xander's throne on Dromund Kaas

Seat of PowerEdit

Xander on the behave of the Sith Council led a invasion force to Dromund Kaas and successfully liberated the Dark Force Temple from the remnants of the Prophets of the Dark Side. He was declared Governor and declared those prisoners taken on the planets surface would either bow down or be destroyed. Those that pledged loyalty became his Dark Acolytes and acted as his elite network of spies and assassins.

From Dromund Kaas he expanded turning the inhabitable swamplands into a place where life could grow. Slowly Dromund Kaas became a hive of Sith activity under Xander's steady hand.

A Leader of MenEdit

It came to Xander's attention the Mandalorians were growing in strength since the disappearance of Anubis Starkiller. He took over a clan of Mandalorians and reigned as the new Leader. His children were introduced to the clan as blood members. With the discovery of this clan came with two older model Crusader-class Corvettes and a Mandalorian Carrier capable of carrying a maximum of 600 troops and an assortment of Mandalorian fighters as well as basilisk war droids.

Dark Side, MasteredEdit

After taking leadership of his Uncle's former clan, Starkiller was awarded the rank of Sith Master. Shortly after achieving this rank he began using the title of Sith Lord, furthering his power by seeking out the more powerful members of the Order and seeking to learn from them. During this period he met with his informal teacher and mother figure Silencia Shamalain and furthered his training with her. He also traveled to Coruscant and met Shery deWinter and bargained his own knowledge so she would share her own though he did not expect the level of intimacy that would come with such a thing no matter how greatly desired.

Shortly after this meeting he traveled to Korriban and began a brief training session with Master Archon Kaan to learn the prestigious ability, Force Lighting.

Widening Ones GazeEdit



Playing With A WitchEdit


Dathomiri Witch, Santeria Decuir

Not long after his return to the galaxy at large, Xander found himself drawn to the graveyard world of Necropolis. Wandering the graves and paying respects to the men and women who'd passed through the life that could be so cruel, he met a young witch named Minerva Decuir. After a brief conversation though, the Sith Lord came face to face with an old acquaintance in the form of Dathomiri Witch Santeria Decuir.

What came next met stunned looks as Xander spoke of what he had found on his long absence and then proceeded to offer Santeria the same opportunity to show her just what he had seen. The two played the game of words until Xander uncharacteristically offered himself to Santeria as a willing slave. The terms set, Santeria countered his offer and a small marking of blood upon his hand the Sith Lord fell under the command of his new Mistress, all according to the illusive plan he sometimes spoke of.

The DiscoveryEdit

A few years after Xander willingly gave himself to Santeria it was revealed to him that he and the High Priestess conceived a child together from a single night that they shared together. From this union Alexiares Decuir was born into the galaxy though his presence was kept a secret not only from his father but the galaxy at large.

Finally revealed on a day when the slave was summoned to his mistress, Xander embraced his son who had grown into a handsome boy of 3 years of age. Santeria informed Xander that though he had no knowledge the little one was indeed told about his father and knew his face. </div></div>

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