"All that we need to know, all the wisdom of the cosmos, we will find in our own hearts."
- Yoshiro Otaro

Yoshiro Otaro
Yoshiro Otaro
The One-Armed Monk
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Philosophy Edit


Bak Mei Pai, Bendu High Priest

Though he now trains as a Jedi Knight, Yoshiro began his studies of the Force as a student of the Dai Bendu Order. He was trained in the Temple of Light, a monastery sequestered within the Andobi Mountains of Ando Prime. Adopted into the community of monks there, Yoshiro received instruction from many of the Bendu masters, most notably High Priest Bak Mei Pai. The Bendu believed in the Force, or the Ashla as they called it, as deeply spiritual entity. Some of them even believed that it stemmed from a god, and that there was a twin deity known as the Bogan who embodied the darker side of the Force.

Above all things, the Bendu taught Yoshiro the importance of faith, self-discipline and knowledge. Though the monks were hermetic, rarely leaving their mountain sanctuary, they espoused a philosophy which centered upon bringing unity to the galaxy. They, and Yoshiro in turn, believe in fighting for the survival of civilization. The Bendu believe that all beings are created equally and that everyone has the capacity for good in them. For this reason, they face hostility and confrontation without fear, knowing that even the darkest of hearts may be turned to a more noble path in time. They also believe that the Force has a plan for everyone and everything, and that some solace can be taken from knowing that everything happens for a reason.

The Bendu Code Edit

There is a major difference between the way the Bendu Order looks at their code and the way the Jedi Order looks at theirs. The Bendu Code simply states what a Bendu can do by using the Ashla, rather than instructing them how to live their life, as some might argue the Jedi Code does. The Bendu Order sees their code as a prayer, rather than a burden. The Bendu Code is as follows:

From the Ashla, we find emotion
From the Ashla, we find peace
From the Ashla, we gain knowledge
From the Ashla, we find passion
From the Ashla, we fear not
Through the Ashla, we gain eternal life
Through the Ashla, we find love
Love is the answer to the darkness
Love can ignite the stars.
- The Bendu Code

History Edit

Yoshiro Otaro never knew his birth-family. As a baby, he was taken into the care of the Bendu monks who raised him as part of the family of their community. It is said that one of Yoshiro's parents was a Jedi Knight, who brought their son to the Bendu temple to guard him from the dangers of the world, knowing that the boy would be safe in the care of the monks. The Bendu priests adopted the boy and, seeing potential in him, taught him the ways of the Ashla as they had done with many others. Young Yoshiro was trained alongside many other child and lived a relatively carefree childhood, training with the masters during the day and playing at games once the daily exercises were over. In this time, he gained a reputation as one of the most promising students of the temple, much to the chagrin of his friend and rival Noboru Rin Ken. It was not long, however, before this placid lifestyle was put to an end.


Noboru Rin Ken, Yoshiro's childhood friend and rival

Shortly after Yoshiro's nineteenth birthday, a Sith Lord by the name of Darth Thanatos came to the Bendu monastery, and brought with him chaos and destruction. Yoshiro joined many others who sought to defend the sacred temple, but he was no match for the Sith Lord. With one deadly strike, Thanatos chopped off Yoshiro's arm. The pain was too much, even for the steady mind of the monk. Overcome, Yoshiro passed out and did not awaken for many weeks. When he did, he saw that those amongst the masters who still lived had healed his wounds and that reconstruction of the damage to the temple had already begun in earnest. He wished to join the others in rebuilding what had been destroyed, but Bak Mei Pai would not let him. It was time, the high priest said, that Yoshiro left Ando Prime. Though there was still much he needed to learn of the Ashla, Bak Mei believed the young monk's path lay elsewhere - on the Jedi world of Naboo. Bak Mei then returned to Yoshiro the lightsaber which had been left with him on the footsteps of the Bendu temple and said that he should keep it close to him always, as it would one day lead him to his true family.