Zaria Quinn
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Zaria Evangelina Roxanna Quinn
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Vanya Aklin
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Apollo Quinn(d.)
Loretta Quinn(d.)
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Leanna Quinn(d.)
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Zaria Quinn is a Nightsister Apprentice, bouncing around and being the energetic little thing she is. She's a force to be reckon with, but also the most entertainment you'll ever get. Willing to take the risk to know her?

Inside the PsychopathEdit


A lot of people consider Zaria a little.... Psychotic.... and they're probably right. Zaria is way more out there than people would expect for a normal being. She always seems to be bubbly and energetic and carefree. Most would underestimate her true power and assume her attitude belonged with the Jedi, but there is much more to Zaria then the way she goofs around and has fun.

She does sometimes have an attitude problem, typically just sarcasm and making people seem stupid, but she usually doesn't disrespect people unless they disrespect her first.

Beyond that shell of fun, comes a shell of anger, sadness, and hate. Given Zaria's past, she does a lot of hating and when someone manages to get her anger, it doesn't last long for them, as she is a killer at heart. She normally tries to get along with people but will kill anyone who may get in her way or hurt her. After what happened in her past, she is no longer the 100% cheery girl she used to be. Now she uses her previous bubbly, happy attitude



Zaria as a child

Zaria's childhood was fairly normal, she was an active girl since day one. Her parents were pleased for their first born to be a girl. Zaria was born a brunette with golden colored eyes. She was smarter than most of those around her and caught onto everything fast. She loved being around people and people loved being around her. She was energetic and bubbly and it very well transferred into her teen years as they came along...

When she was three she was graced with another sibling in her life, who was also a girl. The parents weren't completely pleased, as they wanted a boy and a girl, but they never held it against Leanna. It seemed after they had Leanna, they couldn't get pregnant again, so with that, they had Zaria and Leanna...


Zaria's hair change; age 16

I'm Not An AngelEdit

As Zaria's teen years came to be, she started to get slightly more rebellious. It started with dying her hair highlighter pink and ended with the death of her family by her hands. The earlier part of her teen years was the easiest, but once the age of sixteen came around, she finally was fed up with her family treating her like dirt. She wanted respect, she wanted power, and most of all, she wanted her family to suffer for kicking her in the face and dropping her like yesterdays holonews.


Zaria and her sister, Leanna, goofing around

I Miss The MiseryEdit

Family History...

Seventeen Ain't So SweetEdit

Soon after she turned seventeen, Zaria did a very stupid thing to rebel... She ended up getting pregnant. After her parents found out, the beatings started. The guilt trips started on how she let herself go. The insults, the constant nagging, it all found its way into her life after she got pregnant.

And soon a baby girl was born to the family, Korina Quinn. But her fate was only to be forcibly written by Zaria's mother.


Zaria's mother, Loretta Quinn

Sweet Dreams Are Not Made Of TheseEdit


Zaria's father, Apollo Quinn

About a year after the birth, making Zaria about 18 and a half, her mother went psychotic about the baby and ended up throwing her down a flight of stairs, breaking her neck, killing her. When Zaria discovered this tragedy, it was all down hill from there.

She started doing bad things to herself physically, blaming herself, starving herself, sleeping less and less, if at all, and half killing herself over the death of her baby, even if it had been all her mother's fault, but somehow, Zaria managed to make it her fault. Eventually, about six months later, she ended up realizing... none of it was her fault, that it was her family's for defending her mother's choice and for her mother making such a choice, and then... The final thread broke Zaria's sanity.


Zaria holding one of the weapons she used to kill her family

Love Bites, So Do IEdit

Soon after she broke sanity wise, Zaria ended up capturing her family in their basement and causing them all the same torture she had put herself through. She wanted them to feel how she felt, she wanted them to realize their mistake in killing the one thing she loved more than anything.

After days of torture, physical and mental, she ended their lives painfully after listening to them beg for her to stop and let them live. That somehow they'd make it up to her. Though, it was too late... She was all ready broken and she was going to break them... Literally.

The Diaries of a PsychopathEdit


Her holo diary she uses

Soon after she killed her family, she became interested in the idea of documenting her thoughts and actions. She wanted to remember everything she did, as sometimes she'd blackout during her breaks. It always seems that she remembers to work on her diary even if the memory is blacked out.

Soon she adopted the name The Diaries of a Psychopath because so many people figured she was completely insane, why not go along with it? Some things she did were pretty strange, why not have a little fun with it?

She became quite fond of the documenting and she does it often, letting the diary know all her secrets and rarely sharing them with anyone else. No one is ever able to touch the diary, she swore to herself that if anyone ever touches the diary without her premission, they would have to live without fingers.


Zaria Quinn; present; Age 19

A New BeginningEdit

Zaria soon discovered the Witches of Dathomir after she had killed her family and knowing she was Force sensitive, so she wanted to pursue something that would bring her somewhere in life. Soon, she was off Morgania and on her way to Dathomir in hopes that she could start anew with the Witches and find her full Force potential and start over from what she had done on Morgania to her family. Not that she regretted it, but she also didn't want to be hunted down for committing such a crime...

You Call Me A Bitch Like It's A Bad Thing...Edit

Now in the present, Zaria is staring her new life as a Nightsister Apprentice. She is being trained under Vanya Alkin. She hopes to make everything of herself that she possibly can. Even if people think she is rather crazy, she refrains from anyone brining her down. She wants to succeed in life, not sit around and worry of what other useless people think of her. Most of the time people tend to hate her for her attitude and strangeness.

I Bleed My Heart Out Just For YouEdit

Seth Marzullo ...



Seth Marzullo; Zaria's boyfriend

Seth Marzullo and Zaria Quinn were not a match they had foreseen, but the future held many wonders, and Seth and Zaria clicked almost instantly. There relationship is a pleasureable one and it has stayed that way the amount of time they have been together.

Count Me InEdit

When Zaria first met Seth, it was at a club, and she just thought that it was going to be a small date, a whatever thing and they'd go their separate ways, but she was proven oh so wrong.

Not long after they started to dance, they became closer and closer, and a connection hit the both of them. Well... A lustful connection at least. Though, they knew, even if they knew there had to be more to it then what was on the outside.

With that, Zaria and Seth decided to start dating.

Meet The ParentsEdit

It had been mere weeks into their relationship when Seth decided it was time for Zaria to meet his parents, as they were beginning to wonder why Seth was spending so much time away and who was causing this. And he made it clear to her that this was a big deal and didn't happen often, so Zaria made sure she was prestine that day.

So far, she has no problems with Seth's parents, and they have none with her despite her unconventional appearence. Her next step is to prove herself to the other Marzullos as well.


Seth and Zaria are happy together and plan on staying together as long as nothing goes wrong. Zaria knows she's falling for him hard, but hasn't openly admitted it yet in fear of turning Seth away with that fact.

Zui SuraniEdit


Zui and Zaria


Zaria and Zui's friendship could very well be the most complicated, insane, psychotic friendship out there. They had been through hell and back together, and they have never forgotten one day of it. It was started oddly, and it has never changed.

The Two Witches Become OneEdit

Not long after Zui's return to Zaria, Zaria joined the Witches. It was a new experience for Zaria to finally belong to something, as she had always been a little astrange from most. Between killing two sets of parents and her sister in vengeful actions, dying her hair pink, and going completely insane and psychotic, she had never really fit in. So it was almost nice to feel like she belonged somewhere after joining the Witches.

It didn't take Zui long to follow Zaria there as well. So at the moment, they are both Apprentices and training to become Knights.


Zaria Quinn; Nightsister Apprentice

Life Under The WitchesEdit


  • Met Isaac Decuir
  • Fought Isaac
  • Became the Apprentice of Vanya Aklin
  • Began training with Vanya
  • Met Kalia Vondiranach
  • Met Haldon Kor
  • Got her best friend, Zui Surani , to join the Witches
  • Became the Sin of Glutton in the Seven Deadly Sins
  • Joined the Witch auction
  • Met Seth Marzullo
  • Started to date Seth Marzullo
  • Met his parents: Oz Marzullo and Willow Rosebane-Marzullo
  • Fought Karin Dorn on Dromund Kaas during the takeover
  • Killed Karin Dorn


  • Became Clan mother of Wraith Isles Clan


To be filled...


Partner in CrimeEdit



  • Karin Dorn


Lover(s)(Past and Present)Edit

Marzullo Clan

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