Zelazny Webb
Zelazny Webb
Near-human Crossbreed
(50% Hapan, 25% Human, 25% Mix of Epicanthix, Kiffar and Chalactan)
6' 4"
200 lbs
Eye Colour
Formerly brown, now white
Hair Color
Home Planet
Adsenia Shadowsong-Webb
Jeral Webb




"There should be a law against idiots with lightsabers. Except me. I like my lightsaber. It's shiny."

Zelazny has a very dark sense of humour, often alienating him from the more straight-laced Jedi in the Order.

There is a stereotype among sentients of the Galaxy that Mandalorians are unintelligent brutes who enjoy nothing more than senseless violence. Zelazny uses this stereotype for his own ends: he pretends to be the unthinking brute when in truth he is far more intelligent than he makes himself out to be.


"It's important to remember your past and learn from it - as long as you don't dwell on it."


"I learned to use a blaster before I could walk. What makes you think you have a chance here?"

Born on Corellia 31 Standard years ago, Zelazny was raised in a Mandalorian community outside of Coronet City. His father was leader of a successful mercenary company and his mother a member of the Hapan nobility who settled outside of the Consortium. This meant that he was taught to be both a Mandalorian warrior and a gentleman. While his father instructed him in combat and honour, his mother insisited that Zelazny learn to move in upper class social circles - which included ballroom dancing, something that he would rather not admit. At the age of eight he was taken to his first battle and acted as a field medic and ammunition carrier for the company of mercenaries his father commanded. For the next seven years he continued to follow Jeral Webb to war, becoming one of his father's lieutenants by the age of fifteen.

Prisoner and OfficerEdit

"Corellians speak of the Nine Hells where the souls of the evil go after death. I've been there. It's called Kessel, and it's not just the evil who are sent there."

It wasn't long before Zelazny decided to start out on his own as a bounty hunter. Soon he was working for a crime lord as a personal bodyguard and bounty hunter in Coronet City. During this time, the daughter of one of his father's friends was murdered and Zelazny decided to take revenge for himself. After killing the murderer, he was arrested by CorSec and sent to a prison colony. Seven months passed while he and other prisoners organised an escape plan. When the time finally came to implement it, he tore out one of the guards' thoat with his teeth, having no other weapons at hand. He and the other escapees hijacked a transport and Zelazny made his way to Carida.

Now eighteen, the Mandalorian applied to the Imperial Academy and became an officer cadet. Though urged to join the Army, he became a member of the Starfighter Corps, and still as a cadet, was assigned to the TIE Fighter squadron on the Class-II Frigate Persephone. At this time he discovered that he had an older half-brother, Max Kebron, from a brief affair his mother had had with a Corellian dockyard worker named Jalek Kebron. Max was a Captain in the Starfighter Corps at this time, a squadron leader in the elite 181st. The two brothers spent some time getting to know each other before Kebron was assigned to the 11th Fleet in the Unknown Regions.

Regnum In PotestasEdit

"I've lost count of the number of beings I've killed; men, women, children. Darth Caledon was evil incarnate, a man who murdered without even the slightest twinge of conscience. He's still in here somewhere."

It came to pass that the Persephone was assigned to work with a Sith, one whose name was never given and who hid his face with a hooded cloak. His display of power was frankly astonishing to Zelazny and when the Sith told him he was Force Sensitive, the Mandalorian made his plans. He deserted the Empire and travelled to Ziost, where he landed and made his way through the forest.

Here he was met by the Sith Knight Tris Draclau, who brought him to the Sith Temple of the Regnum In Potestas. He was taken on as an apprentice by Raven Darkness - Darth Umbra. The Knight's training methods were brutal but Zelazny passed his tests and was elevated to the rank of Sith Knight himself, becoming Darth Caledon, Assassin of the Regnum.

Zelazny was sent on missions to eliminate those the Horsemen wanted dead but did not feel like doing so himself. He gained a reputation for efficiency, both among the Sith and as an assassin for hire. He was hired by the Sith Disciple Clarice Jacque, a Coruscanti socialite and member of the aristocracy, to eliminate her cousin, a young Jedi Padawan by the name of Sophie Maurow. Quickly he tracked down his target, and isolated her from the rest of the public by setting an improvised explosive device in Coruscant University, but was too bemused to kill her when she mistook him for a rogue Jedi and offered to hide him. He decided to play along and in doing so found that the Jedi were not all they were made out to be by the Sith. He found a part of himself that had been lost since his imprisonment and refused to kill Sophie.

On his return to Ziost and during the missions that followed, Zelazny began to have serious doubts about his loyalty to the Regnum. He decided to leave, but during the attempt, was stopped by the Sith Masters Malice Draclau and River Shanshu. Draclau ordered Umbra to attack his former apprentice and the two Knights fought. Darth Umbra was victorious, stabbing Zelazny through the chest and taking his lightsaber awa from him. As punishment for his betrayal, Draclau implanted the final memories of every sentient he had ever killed into the Mandalorian's mind and left him to death in the forests of Ziost. With the surreptitious help of Umbra, Zelazny made it off the planet and began his flight from the Sith.


Though he had left the Regnum, Zelazny continued to use the Dark Side during his travels. For nearly eighteen months he wandered the galaxy, looking for a purpose. His travels led him to Tatooine where a Twi'lek Jedi Padawan was attempting to bring to justice a Sith who had been killing settlers in the area. Zelazny took the Jedi's side and covered his retreat. After the Padawan returned to his Order, the Mandalorian decided he would follow.

The Jedi BrotherhoodEdit

The Brotherhood were initially wary of the former Sith, but during his retraining in the Light side of the Force, Zelazny proved himself to be capable and loyal. Over time he became accepted as a fellow Jedi, becoming an integral part of the Brotherhood.

Rogue JediEdit

When the Brotherhood rejoined the rest of the Jedi, Zelazny decided to leave the Order to roam the Galaxy so he would be free to act by his own conscience, rather than having to follow the Jedi code.

Return to the OrderEdit

Finding himself rather lonely he returned to the Jedi Order to be with his old friends and comrades.

The Rise and Fall of MandaloreEdit

When his friend Kallis Mertoi abdicated the post of Mandalore of the Mandalorians he appointed Zelazny as his successor. It proved to be a very unpopular choice with their people, who believed he would put the needs of the Jedi before those of the Mandalorians. Growing increasingly dissatisfied with his role threw a fight with Savin Skirata to allow the other man to take the title of Mandalore.




As a Sith, Zelazny constructed a double-bladed lightsaber using a red colour crystal, due to his preference for using double-bladed weapons. The weapon was taken away from him from Darth Umbra at the end of their fight on Ziost.

After joining the Jedi Brotherhood he created a new lightsaber - single bladed this time. He chose to keep the red colour as a physical reminder of his past as a Sith.

Later in his life, after having accepted his past he rebuilt his lightsaber with a blue crystal.