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Full Name
Zen Aleister Marzullo

The Aggressive One

The Witches of Dathomir
Dreaming River Clan

Faction Rank
Nightbrother Knight

Varies; 34



185 lbs.

Eye Color

Hair Color
Blondish Brown




Castiel Marzullo
Cosima Marzullo
Othello Marzullo

Faline Bazzle-Marzullo

Pandora Marzullo
Cadence Marzullo
Axelle Marzullo
Deija Marzullo

Othello Marzullo
Deija Marzullo

Zen Aleister Marzullo is a Force-Sensitive Human Male who was born into the Dathomir branch of the Marzullo family. Despite a some what rebellious upbringing he had found his place in Dathomiri society as a Hunter and Nightbrother of the Witches of Dathomir. He grew up specifically within the Dreaming River Clan of which his older sister is the current Clan Mother.

Coming from a long and powerful tradition of Force Users within the Marzullo family, his father is Othello Marzullo. His family heritage can be traced all the way back to his great-great-great-great grandfather, Sol Marzullo, who is known as one of the greatest leaders in family history. He is the only son of his father and mother and has four sisters: Pandora, Cadence, Axelle and Deija.

Being known to be difficult, stubborn and out right forceful at times, this led Zen to be titled as the Aggressive One among his family and this nature manifested itself quite particularly when other members of his family wanted to set him up with a mate. He would avoid the situation, saying that he wanted a mate that would love him, not treat him like a commodity or just a donor for children.

He would eventually find exactly who he was looking for and mated with a young woman named Áine’ki Hawk, a witch from a known Allyan family who'd converted to the Nightsisters and even spent some time as a Sith before coming back to Dathomir and having a chance encounter with Zen.


Early LifeEdit

Born on Dathomir the second child of Othello Marzullo and his wife Faline, Zen found himself under the tutelage of his father learning the ways of his family with his older sister Pandora. In the coming years he would help welcome three more sisters into the world, first Cadence, then Axelle and finally Deija, the last of his siblings.

Zen was an intuitive young boy and took to many physical sports and activities with great relish. From his younger years he was taught to wield a lightsaber with decent skill and was taught the basics of using the Force, such as was expected of him by his family.

Teenage YearsEdit

As he began to grow stronger and faster, the young Marzullo took up many different interests including archery and acrobatics. Not surprising to most he also began to take up an interest in girls, sneaking out to see them and at times getting himself into trouble with a lot of angry mothers. This caused him on a number of occasions being scolded by his parents as well as his older sister.

As the boy began to come into being a man, he began taking to the forests usually by himself with a pack of supplies and a bow with a quiver of arrows. He would learn from the other hunters while in the village, incorporating their knowledge of tracking and survival but when he went out alone it was always by itself. His focus turned on being a true hunter and so he sought out some of the better archers in his village if only to hear the smallest bit of advice from them.


Zen learning the Bow

Learning a CraftEdit

Rebellious DaysEdit

Having accomplished a great understanding of his abilities, the call of the galaxy soon came his way. He would vacation away from Dathomir, traveling all over the galaxy some times against the request of his elders. He'd go to worlds like Nar Shaddaa, Coruscant, Zeltros, Corellia and Cato Neimoidia. More times than not he would get himself into trouble but he was always able to slip out of it without getting caught.

No matter where he traveled though he always ended up coming home usually to punishment that he would take without issue. Soon enough though his wild lifestyle would come to a halt when it was made abundantly clear that the punishments would grow to something more permanent and deciding not to press his luck the young man decided to settle in to life on Dathomir.

Settling InEdit

With his life figured out to an extent the young man began to accept his role in the clan, becoming a hunter and using his skills to hunt for food and pelts for clothing. He played his part and found his life enjoyable now that he began to settle in though the one thing he would usually wiggle his way out of was finding a mate and fathering children, much to his sister Pandora's chagrin.

Despite his unwillingness to be mated for any reason but his own, he did well on his own though he collected his fair share of scars over his years of life. Each scar was a lesson for him and over the course of these scars he learned to hunt pretty much everything that Dathomir had to offer, though the Rancor was one he still had trouble grappling with, especially considering their importance to the Coven.

A Life Worth LivingEdit

Finding LoveEdit


Aine'ki during their fateful encounter.

On a fateful trip out into the wastes of Dathomir, Zen came upon a young woman walking through the wastes, wounded and very near death. He saved her life from a Kodashi Viper though upon first meeting her the woman seemed very stubborn and more apt to do things on her own despite the fact she was wounded and clearly hadn't eaten or slept in the longest time. She would introduce herself as Aine'ki and instantly he found himself drawn to her.

After tending her wounds, letting her bathe and giving her some food, the two began to develop a connection with one another. Zen decided to watch over her so she could get a little sleep and in the end convinced her to come back to his village. For unknown reason to him he became a sort of unofficial protector for his new friend. When the two got back to his village he fixed her some more food and allowed her to sleep a full nights rest before the two were greeted by his older sister, Pandora.

Caught in a WhirlwindEdit

His intentions though honest all the way were questioned by his sister much to Zen's annoyance. However despite this he secured a place for Aine'ki in their village as he said he would with the added guarantee that if he couldn't he would join her in wandering the world of Dathomir even though she told him he did not need to do such a thing, he insisted.

The conditions met, Pandora left the two alone but in doing so the two's obvious attraction to each other grew to a fevered pitch and the two ended up sleeping together a short time after meeting one another. This quick development bothered neither of them for both felt as if they had known the other for so long. In the few short days they had known each other the two feel madly in love and mated with one another on their own terms though Zen warned Aine'ki she would need to complete the mating rituals of his family to be fully accepted.


Zen and Aine'ki's first kiss.


The Trial By FireEdit

Considered the test which every member of the Coven must pass to be fully accepted into the Coven, Zen was allowed to start his trials training under his younger sister Deija. His first trial took place at the top of the bell tower after ascending an invisible stairway. At the top he was greeted by a dark version of himself and a skirmish began.

Despite being wounded in the fight, he was able to turn the tables and slay the dark version of himself and collected a portion of it's blood in a bottle he was told to bring. Returning to his sister his second task was to learn from the first and make a potion with the blood and water from a basin. Having completed the second ritual he was met with the third. Drinking the mixture, that if mixed incorrectly, would kill him.

Steeling his resolve, he drank the mixture and upon discovering that he'd mixed the potion correctly. His wound had healed from the fight he had with the dark version of himself and his sister proclaimed him a Knight of the Nightbrothers and gave him the mark of the Coven on his forearm.

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  • Witches of Dathomir - Nightbrother of the Month: October 2013

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